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Tax Services LLC

Tax Preparation for Gen Z & Millennials


We do it all for you.


Sleep soundly. We'll handle it.


Full Preparation starts at $350.


We Make Your Tax Season Stress-Free

Specializing in Crypto Investors & STEM/Healthcare Professionals

At Ascent Tax Services, we provide tax preparation for crypto investors, millennials, & Gen Z. We want you to focus on the things that matter to you, instead of stressing about your taxes.

For advice-only crypto financial planning, check out our sister company, Ascent Personal Finance, that's held in common ownership with Ascent Tax Services.

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Simplify Your Life

Services & Fees

We'd love to work with you! Here are the different ways we partner to simplify your life.

Services & Fees

Tax Return Preparation ($350 & Up)

Basic Preparation Package

Our basic package includes preparing and filing one federal and state return for $350 for single individuals or $400 for couples.

Additional Items

  • Cryptocurrency Ownership & Transactions

  • Additional State Returns

  • Rental Property Ownership

  • Small Business Ownership

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • High Volume of Capital Gain or Loss Transactions

  • Partnership or Trust Interests

  • Ownership of Foreign Assets or Bank Accounts

  • Errors in Your Previous Return(s)

The Final Result

It's not rocket surgery. You give us your documents, we prepare your taxes, and you sleep better!

Our fee starts at $350 & is based on the complexity of your return. We'll provide you with an estimated fee before engagement. If we discover unexpected complexities, we'll let you know.

It's Simple.

You provide the info.

We handle it.

You relax.

Ready to Get Started?


Focus on What Matters To You

What To Expect

Here's how we make your taxes as easy as 1-2-3, done.

Our Process

"What brought you in today?"


We'll have a relaxed conversation where we get to meet you and you get to meet us. We use this meeting to gather all the necessary facts and information we need to prepare your return. After the meeting, we'll provide you with an estimated fee & date by which we expect to finish your return.

The consultation is free and there's no expectation you'll use our services.


If you choose to engage us, we require half of the estimated fee up-front.


Upon engagement, we get right to work on preparing your federal & state returns!

We're determined to make your taxes the least stressful they've ever been while taking advantage of 100% legal strategies to minimize your tax liability through attention to detail & care.

It's not rocket surgery. You give us your documents, we prepare your taxes, and you sleep better!

"We handle it, so you don't have to."

"You're good

to go!"

Filing & Review

Equipped with the information we've discovered in conversations with you and the returns we've prepared, we go over your completed documents with you and proceed to file your returns.

Upon filing, we charge the rest of your fee.

✅ Just like that, your taxes are done and it's off your plate! It's that simple.

Boom. Done!

Ready to Get Started?

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Unlock Confidence For Your Tomorrow.

About Us

Get To Know Us

Our goal is to build a deep and genuine relationship with you.

Meet Zechariah

Professional Zechariah 👨‍💼
In his role, Zechariah loves the challenge of communicating complex financial information and the joy of building long-term relationships with clients. He begins each of his partnerships with a series of conversations to discover and prioritize his client’s goals and interests. Zechariah is dedicated to his clients and works hard to provide high-quality service to ensure they remain on track to reach their financial goals.

During his schooling, Zechariah discovered his passion for empowering others to achieve financial freedom through tailored education and mentoring. He completed his financial planning degree at Liberty University and has worked at several premium boutique wealth management firms.

One common theme that he noticed during his time working at those firms was the immense challenge that finding excellent, personalized financial help is for young people. Additionally, he founded Ascent Personal Finance, sister company to Ascent Tax Services, to build excellent financial foundations for Gen Y & Z.

Weekend Zechariah 😊

I’m all about living life as the adventure that it is! My passions are getting to know people deeply through genuine conversations, discovering unique coffee shops, & exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I live. If I’m not outdoors, then I’m in a coffee shop helping someone reach their financial goals.

I'm a technologist, advocate for accessible financial help, & excited to be a part of the movement revolutionizing financial services.

Photoshopped Headshot.png

Zechariah Schaefer

Founder & Tax Preparer

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA


Liberty University

B.S. in Business Administration

Financial Planning Specialization


😁 People. I LOVE people.

📈 Finance (If it wasn't obvious 😂).

🏔 Nature. Hiking & backpacking!

🚀 Blockchain technology. It's sick 🤓.

Interested in Learning More? We'd love to chat. 

lynchburg v2.jpg

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia

Passionate about serving clients in LYH & Beyond.

Connect With Us

Our goal is to be your trusted financial partner.

We'd love to get to know you! Click the button below, take 2 minutes to fill out our data gather form, & we'll get back to you soon!

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Mailing Address:

Ascent Tax Services

3300 Odd Fellows Rd Unit 10278

Lynchburg, VA 24506


Text/Call: 609-772-5665

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